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Medical Billing made 10x easier

Edsavvy Solutions provides end-to-end medical billing and credentialing services for health institutions so that they can focus on what really matters i.e., taking care of the patients and serving humanity. Our proactive team handles your entire billing operations, from claim creation, quick submission, payment posting, denial management, etc to consistently aiding practice staff so that you can get paid 8% more and 37% faster. 


Our Services


360 Degree Medical Billing and Management.


Financial Statement Reports


Denial Management.


Ageing Reports and submission.


Insurance Claim Verification.


Front Desk Management


Payment Posting and Record Keeping.


Super Bills & In patient Data.


Claim Submission.



Happy Clients




Approved Claim rate


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Enhancing Operational Productivity Like NEVER BEFORE! 

Why Choose Us

Why should you Choose us?

Edsavvy Solutions is the VETERAN medical billing company that has been working with medical clients as their All-in-one billing and credentialing outsourcing company for more than 8 years now. We have licensed specialists and communicators for each role and we consider utmost client satisfaction as our strongest suit. 

If you are somebody who wants quick JAW-DROPPING results and efficiency right away, we are the Perfect fit for you! 

What Our Client Say About Us


Loved working with edsavvy solutions. Their staff is extremely professional and they know their work really well!

Simone Woods


All of my deadlines were met on a professional manner. And edavvy really is a 360 - degree solutions management company

Nicole Yang

I have been working with edsavvy solutions for almost 3 years now. These people are now the back bone of my health institution. Our revenues have sky rocketed since we got them on board.

Calvin Smith

These people really know their way around medical billing. Love their professionalism & skillful work

Suzanne Levis

  • What is the medical billing cycle?
    The medical billing cycle is a process that starts with patient appointment, entry, eligibility check, coding, charge entry, and moves on to claim submission, payment posting, AR review, and denial management.
  • What is RCM in medical billing?
    RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) is a system to get through with the financial transactions between patients, healthcare providers, and payers. Clinical administration manages the revenue cycle starting from patient registration, payment posting, and the exchange of information between patients’ statements and payment systems.
  • What is AR medical billing?
    AR (Accounts Receivable) is a term refers to tracking claims, chasing revenue collection, and compiling a record of cash flow. AR is vital for health practices to follow-up the claims submitted and with the insurance companies, for revenue recovery optimization.
  • What are the steps in the medical billing process?
    Registration of patient Eligibility check Patient encounter Prepare medical claims Medical coding compliance Claim scrubbing Claim submission Payer Adjudication Patient’s statements Follow-ups Payment posting Reporting
  • How do I fix medical billing errors?
    You need to have a documented proof like a copy of your medical record to show the error and the take it to your financial counselor at the hospital. Furthermore, you need to scan the printout of your bill carefully and check if some items have been doubled and you are charged twice for the services you got because it is the most common error in medical bills.
  • What is EHR in medical billing?
    EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and EHR (Electronic Healthcare Records) is an electronic healthcare software that carries the record of patients’ complete health-related information. EHR functions as a digital system to handle patient visits, storing health records, and connects with ePrescribe and laboratories. EHRs are further capable of integrating patient portals and billing systems.
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